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_VisuData Struct Reference

#include <visu_data.h>

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Detailed Description

VisuData: : an object to inherit from (NULL here). : a pointer to the private data. : number of VisuElement used in this object. : give the number of the VisuElement when its pointer is known. : give the pointer of a ViosuElement when its number is known. : give the VisuNode knowing its element number and its own position. : number of registered VisuNode in this object. : give the number of allocated VisuNode for each VisuElement. : give the number of stored VisuNode for each VisuElement. : array that stores all the nodes. : method called before drawing each node (can be NULL).

This structure describes a VisuData object.

Definition at line 152 of file visu_data.h.

Public Attributes

VisuElement ** fromIntToVisuElement
VisuNode ** fromNumberToVisuNode
GHashTable * fromVisuElementToInt
int nbOfAllStoredNodes
VisuNode ** nodes
int ntype
int * numberOfNodes
int * numberOfStoredNodes
GObject parent
setColorFunc setColor

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